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Engineered systems such advanced manufacturing processes and multiscale materials are an indispensable part of our modern life with far-reaching applications in aerial and ground transportation, optics, defense, electronics, and medicine. The ever-evolving societal, environmental, and cultural awareness calls for significantly complex systems with unprecedented properties and functionalities that reliably meet stakeholders’ demands under extreme conditions.

Under the direction of Dr. Bostanabad, the focus of research at PMACS Lab is to statistically and mathematically model these complexities which are primarily rooted in multiscale and multi-physics nature, presence of many spatiotemporally varying and coupled uncertainty sources, lack of knowledge and computational resources, and high dimensionality. Our contributions address these challenges via discipline-agnostic, data-driven, physics-aware, and modular solutions that, ultimately, enable building computer models whose predictions are in line with inherent system stochasticity.

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